Food Science and Technology students engaged to fight food waste

Globally, one-third of the food produced ends up in the bin. So how can Electrolux, as a world-leader in kitchen appliances, help to put an end to unnecessary food waste? The Electrolux Chef Academy, a unique and global network with sixty chefs all over the world ho consult, listen and train during seminars, start-ups and new services aimed at developing new ideas and products, came up with its very own answer to that question last year.

Zero Waste All Taste is a concept kitchen designed to show how even the most basic, low-cost, and most frequently-wasted produce can be used to create a gourmet menu, featuring every edible part of a single ingredient.

To take the initiative one step further, The Research Hub engaged students from the Master of Science in Food Science and Technology at the University of Udine at its headquarters in Pordenone, Italy, for a full-day in the kitchen together with the chefs Maximilian Zedelmeier and Silvano Costantini, developing different recipes starting from one single ingredient; cauliflower.

The Research Hub strives to create meeting points between the academic world and the industry and has a close collaboration with Udine University since many years. By applying academic expertise on the Electrolux Professional kitchen equipment, the students got an insight in the how the food service world works.

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