To promote innovation through scientific excellence, we are participating in a number of co-funded national and international research projects, creating an arena for joint research projects. Read more about our ongoing projects here.

HSB Living Lab

HSB Living

HSB Living Lab in Gothenburg, Sweden, is a vibrant research lab and residential building, where the municipality, the business community and the research community work together to find sustainable solutions for future housing. Participants in the world-unique project are Chalmers University of Technology, Electrolux Professional, together with a number of other companies. Today, HSB Living Lab consists of 29 apartments where the residents are students or researchers. For 10 years, new technological and architectural innovations will be tested, focusing on social, economic and ecological sustainability. Discover the HSB Living Lab in this virtual tour!



MinShed is a three-year Swedish research project with the overall goal to create knowledge which will help the textile industry to design clothes made of synthetic fabrics that won’t emit microplastics. The project also investigates how washing machines are designed and whether they can be equipped with a filter that can reduce the emissions of microplastics. Project partners to Electrolux Professional are RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, textile companies such as Filippa K, Fjällräven, H&M and Ikea and the universities Chalmers University of Technology, the Textile University in Borås and Gothenburg University. The project receives funding from FORMAS.

The Future of the Laundry

The Future of the Laundry

The Future of the Laundry is a five-year Swedish research project that aims to identify how our laundry behaviour can affect the environment. The project is run by The Research Hub by Electrolux Professional together with the Division of Environmental Systems Analysis at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, in the laundry studio of the HSB Living Lab. The project receives funding from FORMAS.



FasTher is a two-year research project aiming to develop new powder coating techniques with a low environmental impact. The project is an interregional collaboration between Electrolux Professional, The University of Udine in Italy and the Austrian company PLT Powdercoatings and receives project funding from the European Union through Interreg Italia Austria.