Sustainable Kitchen Design with IUAV University of Venice

November 11th 2022, Leandro Lapietra and Francesco Lillo, two members of the Design & Innovation Team in Electrolux Professional, participated in a class for the Master Degree in Product Design at Università IUAV di Venezia.

This year a topic of the course is to design technological products to increase the sustainability of a professional kitchen of the food service. The teacher of the course, Chiara Battistoni, a researcher collaborating with Electrolux Professional, invited the company to give to the students the possibility to understand how Electrolux Professional works in this sector and how the company approaches sustainability.

The students had the possibility to present the topics they are working on and to receive important suggestions thanks to the competencies and long expertise of Francesco and Leandro. They were very interested in understanding what the design process is for designing professional kitchen equipment and the role of the design team in a such a large company. The main topics that came out from the reflection were that designers have a mediating role among the other company units, because they have to collect and mediate all the feedback from the others. They also need to have great emphaty in the relationship with the final users of the solutions.

The importance of sustainabilty for Electrolux Professional is in all the life cycle phases of the products. Read more on the companys sustainability work here.